How to Allow Users to Submit News / Posts to Your WordPress Site

Have you ever seen on sites that lets you submit news to list in their sidebar? Or even have a form for users to submit posts? Well in this article we will share a way that you can use to allow your users to submit news or even posts to your WordPress site. You will get to moderate them like comments and approve the story that you choose to go live. You can even use Akismet for spam filter.

Submit a News to WordPress Site

It is really easy to do by using a plugin called TDO Mini Forms. You will have a form on your website that will look something like this:

Submit a News in WordPress

Once the news is submitted, you will see them in your WordPress admin panel. You must make sure that you create a user and assign it the role of a “Subscriber”. In other words, they should not be allowed to publish, or edit the posts. This user will now be your assigned default user for this plugin. TDMO plugin can also create a dummy user for you, if you desire. The author recommends this way.

Follow through the instructions listed on this page.

Since these posts are being added to a specific category or as Noupe does it in the News Category, you can extract posts from that specific category in the sidebar. Just use our tutorial on displaying recent posts from a specific category.

The plugin is TDO Mini Forms download it now and enjoy.