Bootstrap Blocks


Bootstrap Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress. Supports Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 (experimental). This plugin adds Bootstrap components and layout options as Gutenberg blocks.

The full documentation of this plugin can be found on GitHub:

Available Blocks



  • Fluid: If enabled the container will use the full available width, spanning the entire width of the viewport.
  • Fluid Breakpoint: Used to enable responsive containers. This feature only works with Bootstrap v4.4+. The container will use 100% of the width until the specified breakpoint is reached, after which the defined max-widths will apply for each of the higher breakpoints.
  • Margin After: Define a margin which should be added after the container.



  • Template: Choose from a predefined template for the inner column blocks.
  • No Gutters: Disable gutters between columns.
  • Alignment: Horizontal alignment of inner column blocks.
  • Vertical Alignment: Vertical alignment of inner column blocks.
  • Editor stack columns: Displays stacked columns in the editor to enhance readability of block content.
  • Horizontal Gutters: Size of horizontal gutters.
  • Vertical Gutters: Size of vertical gutters.



  • Sizes for all breakpoints (xxl, xl, lg, md, sm, xs): How much space the column should use for the given breakpoint.
  • Equal width for all breakpoints (xxl, xl, lg, md, sm, xs): If enabled column will spread width evenly with other columns.
  • Background Color: Set background color to column.
  • Center content: Center content vertically in column. This option is only needed if a background color is set. Otherwise use the Alignment option of the outer row block.
  • Padding: Define padding inside the column.



  • Style: Choose the styling of the button.
  • Open in new tab: Choose if link should be opened in a new tab.
  • Rel: Set rel attribute of the link.
  • Alignment: Horizontal alignment of the button.

Supported Bootstrap versions

This plugin supports Bootstrap v4 and v5 (experimental). The support for v5 is still flagged as experimental since this Bootstrap version is not officially released yet. The API could still change which could affect the options defined in this plugin.

The version can be selected in the plugin settings (Settings > Bootstrap Blocks) or by defining the WP_BOOTSTRAP_BLOCKS_BOOTSTRAP_VERSION constant in the wp-config.php file:

  • Bootstrap 4 (default): define( 'WP_BOOTSTRAP_BLOCKS_BOOTSTRAP_VERSION', '4' );
  • Bootstrap 5: define( 'WP_BOOTSTRAP_BLOCKS_BOOTSTRAP_VERSION', '5' );

Possible values right now are '4' or '5'. By default Bootstrap version 4 is selected.

Bootstrap library

Please be aware that this plugin does not include the Bootstrap library in your website. You need to do this by yourself. We decided not to include the library so that you can modify Bootstrap to your own needs before loading it.

You’ll find an example how to include it in your theme’s function.php in the documentation.


All blocks are implemented as dynamic blocks. This makes it possible to overwrite the template of a block in your theme.

To overwrite a block template create a folder called wp-bootstrap-blocks/ in your theme directory. You can copy the original template from wp-bootstrap-blocks/src/templates/<blockname>.php as a starting point and adjust it to your needs.


  • WordPress >= 5.0
  • PHP >= 5.6

Further Information

  • Documentation:
  • WordPress Plugin:
  • GitHub Repository:
  • Changelog:
  • Issue tracker:


  • Row block
  • Column block
  • Column block (further settings)
  • Container block


  1. Upload the wp-bootstrap-blocks directory into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Start adding blocks from the Bootstrap Blocks category


Which versions of Bootstrap are supported?

This plugin supports Bootstrap v4 and v5 (experimental).

Is Bootstrap included?

No. This plugin doesn’t load the Bootstrap library for you. You have to do this by yourself in your theme. Please read more about this in the documentation.

Have you found a bug or do you have a feature request?

Please create a new GitHub issue and let us know:


Very good plugin for Bootstrap

Behnam Nikkhah
October 29, 2020
I started using Bootstrap Blocks because I wanted a better WordPress back-end experience instead of actually coding raw code in a file. With Bootstrap Blocks, I can have a better back-end experience and have a peace of mind knowing that the developers working on the plugin are using Bootstrap best practices. The plugin is also regularly maintained and updated to work at its peek performance. I’m very happy with Bootstrap Blocks and I highly recommend for any developer who is working with WordPress + a Bootstrap theme.

great plugin

September 2, 2020
Best plugin for bootstrap i have used

Great plugin! A staple for any theme developed with Bootstrap.

August 7, 2020
Have you ever had a good experience trying to create rows / columns, with the default WordPress blocks, on a Bootstrap site / theme? Unless you used this plugin to do so, I highly doubt it.

This plugin is the key to success in the above scenario, and makes it so blog posts look like they actually belong in the site, rather than just being an afterthought. Best of all, it’s 100% open source! No annoying ads, no annoying paywall, just straight up solid functionality / support.

If you use Bootstrap for your theme, you need to use this plugin.

A big thank you to the developer(s)!

Yes 🙂

July 26, 2020
This works very nice and i got a response on the support forum for one question within less that a day.

Easy to use, fast support

July 4, 2020
This plugin will be a standard install now for all my new Bootstrap installed sites

Thanks for the plugin!

July 3, 2020
Am I constantly working with bootstrap? this plugin is what i was missing.