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Event Calendar WD – Responsive Event Calendar plugin
Event Calendar WD is a user-friendly event calendar plugin. This event calendar plugin allows organizing…

Basic parameters

  • Version: 1.1.41
  • Last updated: 1 month ago
  • Active installations: 20,000+
  • WordPress Version: 4.6 or higher
  • Tested up to: 5.6
  • PHP Version: 5.3 or higher
  • Languages:

    English (US) and Spanish (Spain).


  • 5 stars 173
  • 4 stars 22
  • 3 stars 6
  • 2 stars 5
  • 1 star 9


WD is the most powerful plugin to create and organize them into calendars.

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Premium WD

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Event Calendar WD is a user friendly plugin to create an event promotion website or add and manage events to your existing WordPress blog. It’s a highly flexible event organizer plugin to create both, simple one-time events or multiple, recurring events. That’s not all, sending event invitations and selling tickets online is easy with this plugin. You can provide a detailed description for all your events using WordPress editor,assign categories and attach tags to each of them. Every calendar is created as a custom post or taxonomy, which enables you to display the calendars among the standard post listings, such as related or latest posts.The plugin will make it easy to spread a word about your events with the social sharing button support, and will let your site visitors easily find events around them using the frontend event search option. Event Calendar WD has a straight-forward admin panel, where you can create and manage your events, add new themes, and customize your calendars.


  • Organize as many events as you wish – With Event Calendar WD you can add unlimited number of events and calendars to your website. Whether you want to go for a one-time event, or add calendars to multiple posts and pages, that’s absolutely doable.
  • Events are easier to find – Event Calendar WD is SEO-friendly, which means every event you add to your website is optimized for better visibility in search results.
  • Leverage power of social networks – Don’t let your events go unnoticed. Enable social sharing buttons option on the calendar, and spread a word about your events across the major social platforms. Also, you can sell event tickets directly from your website if you get the Event Tickets Add-on available for the Premium version users.
  • Attract with detailed descriptions – Give your visitors the most important information they need to know about any event. Provide event venue, mention the hosts and organizers, include images, relevant videos, event link, and mark up the event location on the Google Map.
  • Distinct appearance – With the available view options, themes and the extensive list of the customization settings, you can fully personalize your calendars and give them a distinct look.
  • Full Control and flexibility – Event Calendar WD is highly configurable, meaning you’ll get full control over how you display the events and calendars on your site. The user-friendly interface of the plugin, will make it easy to manage and customize your calendars.
  • Support – The team provides timely and effective support to all its users. We keep standards high and response time low.

What’s in it


Event Calendar WD is responsive, designed to provide flawless calendar display across various devices and screen sizes.


The number of the events as well as the calendars you can add to your website has no limit. Go ahead and fill your website with as many calendars as you want.


Organizing events on your calendars is super easy. You can assign categories to each of your events and attach as many tags to them as you want.


With Event Calendar WD you can have your calendars displayed in a number of cool views. Currently Month, Week, Day and List views are available in the free option of the plugin, whereas Posterboard, 4-Days and Map views come with the premium option.


If you want to display repeating events on your calendar which are held on a regular basis recurring events option will save you a great deal of time (Premium version). Just specify the event repeating rate under the evet settings and it will automatically be displayed on the calendar.


You can display social sharing buttons on the calendars and let your visitors share your events on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter with just a click.


The calendars are added to the posts and pages with a shortcode, but if you want to display a nice calendar widget on the sidebar areas of your site, you can publish the calendar as a widget.


The Premium version of the plugin comes with five customizable calendar themes, that let you personalize the design of you calendars. You can set custom settings for almost every part of the calendar, including overall calendar colors, header, views,pagination, and events. Moreover, you can add new calendar themes with your own styling features.


The plugin is integrated with Google Maps to help you display event locations. Simply choose a venue for each event and mark up the location on Google Maps, making it super easy for your guests to find venues.

Event Calendar Extensions

If you want some additional functionality, like displaying upcoming events, selling online tickets, showing countdown for the events, and let your visitors add events on the calendar from the frontend, there are 14 available add-ons to choose from. Please note that calendar add-ons work with Premium version only. Find the full list of the add-on below.

( Available in Plugins Bundle )

Event Tickets
Frontend Event Management
Upcoming Events Widget
Google Calendar Integration
iCal Integration
Facebook Integration
[Custom Fields
Export to GCal/ICal


*Some customizations described here are available in Premium version. Please refer to feature summary for additional info.

You can add calendars to your website either by inserting the generated shortcode into your posts and pages, or display it as a widget on the sidebar areas of your site. The admin panel of the plugin is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. To add a new calendar you just have to go to the admin panel, click on the “Add a new Calendar” tab and it will open up a new page. Afterwards you need to give a title to the calendar and choose a theme for it. Once you’re done you can preview the calendar, save it as a draft, or publish it right away. You can add events to the calendar either from the admin panel and later assign them to the selected calendars, or by clicking on the on the calendar itself. To have your event added to the calendar , you need to specify the event name,choose the dates, select the event venue,provide a URL and a relevant video URL if available.For recurring events, you just need to specify the event repeating cycles, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Under the settings tab you’ll find an extensive list of the general settings for the calendars that you can adjust to your needs. Here you can select the date display format, enable comments for the events, choose how the events will be organized, enable social icons, and a lot more. You can create new event categories and tags by giving them a title, adding a slug and a description. You can apply the tags and categories to multiple events at ones. For more information about the customization of the calendar settings, please refer to the plugin installation instructions below.

Premium version adds

  • Recurring events
  • 5 beautiful customizable themes
  • 3 premium views: Posterboard, 4-days and Map
  • 14 add-ons to expand default functionality


If you think you found a bug in Event Calendar WD, or have a problem/question concerning the plugin, please check out Support Forum.

Privacy Policy

Event Calendar WD plugin optionally embeds Google Maps on front end to display events on the map. Embedded Google Maps behave in the exact same way as if visitor has opened Google Maps site. Google may collect data about visitors, use cookies and tracking, included their logged-in experience interaction with Google platform. Google Maps are regulated under terms of Google privacy policy https://policies.google.com/privacy. The plugin asks for your consent to collect site administrator’s email address and site URL to offer customer support, deals and discounts on premium products and more.


  • WordPress Event Calendar WD – Grey theme
  • WordPress Event Calendar WD – Calendar
  • WordPress Event Calendar WD – Calendar With Filter
  • WordPress Event Calendar WD – Week View
  • WordPress Event Calendar WD – Event
  • WordPress Event Calendar WD – Theme Settings
  • WordPress Event Calendar WD – Create Event
  • WordPress Event Calendar WD – Edit Venue


Thank you for your interest in Event Calendar WD.

Minimum requirements.

  • WordPress 3.9+
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x

Perform a new installation

After downloading the ZIP file of the Event Calendar WD plugin,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  3. Click “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the downloaded zip file of the event calendar.
    For Mac Users
    Go to your Downloads folder and locate the folder with the Event Calendar WD. Right-click on the folder and select Compress. Now you have a newly created .zip file which can be installed as described here.
  4. Click “Install Now” button.
  5. Click “Activate Plugin” button for activating the Event Calendar WD.
  6. If the installation does not succeed, please click here to contact us.


1. How do I publish the calendar in the page or post?

To use the created calendars within a page or post you should use the shortcode. Open the page/post from the back end. Press on the Event Calendar WD icon within the editor. The shortcode with three tabs will appear. An alternative is copying the shortcode from the All Calendars subsection (it will take default settings) and further editing it.

Select Calendar. Using the drop-down list choose the calendar you want to add.
Events per page in list view. By default 5 events are being listed in list view. You can change the number to the desired quantity.
Enable Event search. Check the box to enable front end search for the events.

You can set up to 7 different views. By using the drop-down you can select a view for each tab. The order of the tabs will be based on the selection.

This section works with filters add on. You can specify the list of the filtering options you want to display for the front end users.

2. What add-ons are available for The Events Calendar?

You can install a number of management-related, event grouping and integrative add-ons to boost your experience. Please note that the Calendar add-ons are supported by the premium version of Event Calendar WD.

FRONTEND MANAGEMENT – This add-on is designed for allowing the users/guests to add events to the calendar from the front end. In addition, the users can also have permissions to edit/delete their events. The Frontent Management add-on of this event manager plugin turns it into an interactive calendar.

IMPORT/EXPORT – The following data of the Event Calendar WD can be exported and imported: Events, Categories, Venues,Organizers and Tags. The exported/imported data will be in CSV format, which can be further edited, modified and imported.

CUSTOM FIELDS – Custom Fields Add-On will enable you to have more fields for more detailed and structured content: you can use this add-on and create additional fields for each event, venue and organizer.

SUBSCRIBE – Event Calendar Subscription Add-on is a great tool which allows subscribing to events based on category, tag, organizer and venue.

EXPORT TO GCAL/ICAL/OUTLOOK – Export add-on will allow your calendar users to export single or whole month events in CSV and ICS formats and import to their iCalendars, Google and Outlook calendars.

This is a wonderful feature, since many users often keep their event booking data, restaurant reservations, or schedule on iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. With this add-on, you will not need to recreate all these events, simply import them into the events manager.

EMBED – This add-on will allow displaying a calendar from your site to other websites using embed code without need of installing ECWD plugin.

FILTER ADD-ON – This add-on is designed for advanced event filter and browsing. It will display multiple filters, which will make it easier for the user to find the relevant event from the calendar.

COUNTDOWN ADD-ON – With this add-on you can add an elegant countdown to your site. It supports calendar events or a custom one. The styles and colors of the countdown can be modified. It can be used both as widget and shortcode.

UPCOMING EVENTS – The Upcoming events widget is designed for displaying upcoming events lists. The number of events, the event date ranges, as well as the appearance of the widget is fully customizable and easy to manage.

VIEWS – ECWD Views is a convenient add-on for displaying one of the additional Pro views within the pages and posts. The add-on allows choosing the time range of the events, which will be displayed with a particular view.

FACEBOOK INTEGRATION – This addon integrates ECWD with your Facebook page and gives functionality to import events or just display events without importing.

GOOGLE CALENDAR INTEGRATION – This addon integrates ECWD with your Google Calendar and gives functionality to import events or just display events without importing.

ICAL INTEGRATION – This addon integrates ECWD with your iCAL Calendar and gives functionality to import events or just display events without importing.

EVENT TICKETS – Event Tickets Add-on is an easy set up tool for integrating ECWD with WooCommerce to sell tickets for your events. These tickets are sold as bookings from your calendar and you are notified about each sale.

This event ticketing power-up of the calendar manager plugin allows you to add the following features to your website:

  • event registration/online reservation system,
  • appointment booking calendar,
  • booking system with a booking form,
  • RSVP/booking calendar,
  • ticket sales.

3. Can I publish the Calendar as a Widget?

Yes, you can publish the events calendar as a widget. To do so, please follow the steps below.

Go to Appearance>Widgets toolbar.
Find the Event Calendar WD widget and assign it to a custom widget position

Title. Set a title for the widget. Alternatively, you can leave it blank.
Calendar to Display. Select the calendar which will be displayed as a widget.
Display events as. Here you can set the events to be displayed either in a Month or List view.
Events per page as a list view. Here you can set the number of events you want to be displayed when list view is in use.

4. How do I add a new event in the calendar?

Open your availability calendar plugin and navigate to the Add New section in the menu. Here you can create new events by specifying such details, as:
Title. Set a title for the event.
Content. Provide the details of the event.
Event Settings: These settings will help you configure the event dates, repeat rates, URL, venues and organizers.
* Event Dates. Specify the starting and finishing dates and times for the event using the datepicker. If the event lasts all day, check the “All Day” option.
* Repeat Rate. If the event is recurring, you can set a repeat rate and specify the days for repeating the event on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
* Daily repeat. Here you can set the frequency of the repeat rate and its finish date. For example, repeat every 4 days until October 5, 2017.
* Weekly repeat. Here you can set the finish date and the weekly frequency of the repeat by specifying a repetition day for the selected number of weeks. For example, repeat every 2 weeks on Mondays until October 5, 2015.
* Monthly repeat. Here you can set the monthly frequency and the finish date of the repeat. This can be done either by setting the event on the same day of the month as the original event or repeating it on a specified day of the first, second, third, fourth or simply the last week of the month. For example, repeat the event 2 months on the first Friday of the month until October, 2017.
* Yearly repeat. Here you can set the yearly frequency and the finish date of the repeat. This can be done by setting the event on the same day of every year as the original event or repeating it every specific month on a specified day of the first, second, third, fourth or simply the last week of that month. For example, repeat the event 2 years on the first Friday of the September until October, 2017.
* Event Venue. Select the venue of the event from the existing venues or create a new one by adding a venue title, description, address, phone, website and location using a Google Maps key if necessary. Please note that you need to get a Google Maps key from Google APIs first to be able to configure the Gmaps features and styles in the plugin Settings. As for a newly created venue, it will automatically be added to your Venue list.
* Event URL. Set an external URL, which will be included within the event description.
* Event Video URL. Set the absolute URL of a YouTube/Vimeo video to be displayed within the event.
* Calendars. You can choose the calendar to which the event will be added to.
* Organizers. You can choose the organizer of the event from the existing organizers or set a new one by adding the organizer title, description, phone and website.
* Event Location. If the venue is not set, you can specify a new location for the event using Google Maps feature. Note that the location will not be added to the Venue list.

5. How to change date format?

If you need to change event date format, please open Calendar Settings and type necessary type in Date format input. For instance, in case you want to have dates as 03/1/2015, set the format to M/d/Y.

6. How can I add a Venue to my event?

To add a new venue navigate to the Venues menu in plugin menu tabs and click on the Add New button.

You can create new venues by specifying such details, as:

Title. Set a title for the venue.
Content. Provide details about the specific venue if necessary.
Address. Fill in the address of the venue or show the venue location on Google Maps by checking the ‘Show Google Maps’ option. You can drag and drop the Google Maps marker to the location, which will then be displayed with the event. Please note that you need to get a Google Maps key from Google APIs first to be able to configure the maps features and styles in the plugin Settings.
Phone. Fill in the phone number of the venue.
Website. Enter the web-address of the venue.
Featured image. Set an image to be associated with the specific venue.

7. Can I filter events based on categories, tags and other attributes?

With the help of Event Filter add-on of Event Calendar WD Premium you can add extra user-friendly navigation on your custom calendars.

The add-on does not require special configuration. When inserting a calendar shortcode into a page or post, all available filters are added automatically. They display as checkboxes, which let users to select one or more options and filter events accordingly.

8. How can I display an upcoming events calendar on my WordPress site?

Premium version of Event Calendar WD plugin provides Upcoming Events add-on. With a simple configuration, it lets you place upcoming events calendar on your website as a WP calendar widget.

9. Can I display events from my Facebook page on my WordPress calendar?

Facebook Integration add-on of Event Calendar WD Pro lets you incorporate Facebook events with your WordPress site, and display the events feed within your WP calendar.

Turn it into a facebook event calendar by simply providing Facebook page ID when you edit your calendar. Alternatively, you can physically import the events from Import FB Events page, and add them to your Facebook calendar afterwards.

10. How can I integrate Google Calendar with Event Calendar WD?

This beautiful calendar plugin for WordPress provides Google Calendar Integration add-on for its Premium version. You can import Gcal into Event Calendar WD, or simply display them on your calendar without importing.

Simply copy your Google Calendar ID to the corresponding option among WP calendar settings, and the events will appear. When you make changes on your Google Calendar, the events on your attractive calendar will update automatically.

11. Can I let users to add their own events?

Frontend Event Management add-on of this events calendar plugin turns your event list into an online booking calendar. It lets users add their own events with desired dates and times, serving as a booking plugin.

This add-on comes handy, when you require meeting scheduling and appointment booking calendar, or event booking functionality. Users can place event bookings by adding new events from calendar page, which will be queued for website administrator’s approval.

Tune up Event Calendar WD Pro with Frontend Event Management add-on, and set up a powerful online reservation calendar on your WordPress website!

12. Is it possible to bring iCalendar events into Event Calendar?

You can retrieve iCal events lists into the Premium version of this events management plugin using its iCal Integration add-on. Start importing iCal event list to your website calendar in a simple and practical way.

The iCal Integration add-on allows you to incorporate the events with the following ways:
* Fetch them from iCalendar, without physically having the events in Event Calendar plugin.
* Import the events and bring them to your WordPress site.

By importing the iCal events, you will bring their descriptions, details, location and settings. You can also choose the category from which you wish to import the events.

Note: Make sure the iCalendar you are trying to incorporate is shared publicly.

13. Can I allow users to buy tickets of events from my calendar?

Sell the event subscription through Premium version of this WordPress events manager plugin and its Event Ticketing add-on. It allows you to organize event tickets and reservation easily.

This add-on is the solution for event ticketing feature, incorporating Event Calendar WD with WooCommerce. The tickets manager tool is easy-to-use. The integration between the add-on and WooCommerce plugin is automatic. With just a few clicks, users are able to buy tickets and make reservation for your event.

You can set the available dates for ticket sales, price, and stock on the event page. While the tickets are created within Event Calendar WD plugin, the payment of event ticketing is processed by WooCommerce. As the tickets are sold out, visitors will get notified about it with “Sold Out” banner.

Note: Make sure to install/activate WooCommerce plugin to your site in order to use Event Ticketing add-on.

14. How can I show a map of my event location?

You can incorporate Google Maps with this event subscription plugin the following way. Edit the venue of your event, then mark Show Google Maps checkbox.

This WordPress events manager plugin will allow you to fill in Address of your venue, and Google Maps marker will be placed on the pointed location. You can also specify Latitude and Longitude of your address. This will make the event reservation process for your users easier.

Note, that Google Maps API key is required for the maps to display correctly on your events management plugin. To get it, visit Google API Console.

15. Can I design the events lists on Month view with colored backgrounds?

Using Event Calendar WD WordPress reservation plugin, you can add different background colors to events of each category. To do that, edit the category of your event list, and use Category color option to set the background.

Additionally, you can use Image option to place an icon for your event category.

16. How can I have separate event organizers for my events?

Event Calendar WD plugin allows you to indicate organizers for each of your events. To begin creating organizers, visit Events > Organizers page, or use Add Organizer link at the bottom of event editor dashboard. Fill in the following information first:

  • Title,
  • Description,
  • Phone,
  • Website.

Press Save Organizer button. All created organizers will display here as a list.

In addition to simply showing the host of the event, organizers can contribute to event subscription feature of Subscribe add-on. Users are able to subscribe to events that belong to a selected organizer.



December 16, 2020
Easy and usefull plug in

good plugin

December 16, 2020
this is a good plugin, good work good support

Great plugin,easy to use

September 21, 2020
Great plugin,easy to use.I used it for Event reminder.

Its very easy to use highly recomended to every one.Thanks


Norman Weisman
July 31, 2020
I love this plugin!

Works great!

July 11, 2020
Nice tool, works really great!

Nice, but a couple of issues

June 24, 2020
This is a nice program. It could use a few improvements. I am using the free version so maybe those improvements are included in the paid version.

When I list the times for our events I can only list the on hour time. for example: If a meeting is at 10:30 I have to list it for either 10:00 or 11:00.

I can include details as a rollover, but as soon as the mouse leaves the link, the rollover vanishes. You have to click on the link to see all the details. A minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless.


Get installation package of the plugin: Event Calendar WD – Responsive Event Calendar plugin

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