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Create by Mediavine
Complete tool for creating and publishing recipes and other schema types on your site.

Basic parameters

  • Version: 1.6.4
  • Last updated: 2 months ago
  • Active installations: 6,000+
  • WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
  • Tested up to: 5.5.3
  • PHP Version: 5.5.38 or higher


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  • 4 stars 0
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A Plugin for Bakers. Makers. Adventure-takers.

Top in tech, speed, and SEO so you can focus on what you do best and CREATE.

Now you can craft multiple Google types using just one plugin.

  • Recipes
  • How-to guides and craft instructions
  • Lists and round-ups
  • More to come!

Now: Automatically calculate nutritional data for your recipes for free.

Create is for…

Recipes — Easily import content from other plugins. Includes free nutrition calculator and video embeds.
Lists and round-ups — Showcase images, links and more in a user-friendly manner.
How-to guides — Display beautiful printable materials lists, instructions and videos for DIYs, crafts and more.

Create by Mediavine was built with the following in mind:

1. Speed
Lightweight, with our strong focus on site speed

2. Optimized for SEO
Full Google Rich Snippet support and one-button schema validation so content is marked up for mobile search carousels

3. Easy to Use
Built for optimal user experience, for you and your readers

4. Top-notch Importers
Easily transfer your content from other recipe plugins

5. Multiple Themes
Five gorgeous themes by Purr Design with more on the way

6. Ad-Ready
Fully monetize your content using the most-ad-optimized themes

7. Matches your site
All themes mimic your site’s unique design so no two look the same

8. Live Preview
See your content how it will appear on your site, in real time, with full Gutenberg support

9. Mobile First
Responsively designed to engage the majority of your audience


  • Choose between Recipe, How-To and List cards. (More types coming soon.)
  • Refreshed interface design provides a better user experience.
  • View all of your cards at a glance in the Create gallery.
  • Search and sort all of your cards for easy editing.
  • Create SEO-ready Recipe cards in minutes.
  • A published Recipe using the Hero Image card style.
  • A published Recipe using the Simple Square card style.
  • Our automatic nutrition calculator saves you time and headaches.
  • Publish beautiful lists and round-ups with the List type.
  • A published List using the Big Image layout.
  • A published List using the Circles layout.
  • How-to cards can be used for any kind of instructional guide.
  • A published How-To on the Dark Classy Circle card style.
  • A published How-To on the Hero Image card style.
  • Add recommended products to your Recipe and How-To cards.
  • All styles adapt to your site’s existing design.


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.4.45 or greater (PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.5 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Type “Create by Mediavine” in the search field and click “Search Plugins”
  3. Click “Install Now” to install and then click “Activate”
  4. Go to Settings > Create by Mediavine and choose your style
  5. Register your Create plugin
  6. If using another recipe card plugin and you’d like to import your recipes from that plugin, download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

Manual Installation

  1. Download a copy of the “Create by Mediavine” plugin
  2. Upload mediavine-create to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  4. Go to Settings > Create by Mediavine and choose your card style
  5. Register your Create plugin
  6. If using another recipe card plugin and you’d like to import your recipes from that plugin, download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

For more, please see our help center.


How do I import my existing recipes?

Download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

Which recipe card plugins does the importer support?

  • Cookbook
  • EasyRecipe
  • Meal Planner Pro Recipes
  • Purr Recipe Cards
  • Simple Recipe Pro
  • WP Recipe Maker
  • WP Tasty
  • WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Yummly
  • Zip Recipes
  • ZipList Recipe Plugin

How will the cards display?

Our cards are displayed using a WordPress shortcode.

This means that if the plugin is disabled, the recipes themselves will not display on the front end of a blog post. This is typical behavior for most WordPress plugins.

If the plugin is deactivated, no data will be deleted and reactivating the plugin will restore the original card display.

Will I be able to add nutritional data?

Yes! Nutritional data is an important part of Schema, which search engines love to have for optimal results.

Nutrition facts can be manually entered for a recipe. They will also transfer over if the recipe already contains it.

We also provide automatic nutrition calculation through our partnership with Nutritionix. Learn more about this feature.

How much does it cost?

Create is free to the blogging community at large. You do not need to be a Mediavine publisher to use it. All core functions of the plugin will always remain free.

There may be features in the future that non-Mediavine publishers would need to license for a fee, but the core functionalities will always remain free and supported for everyone — including plugin updates to keep Create in compliance with WordPress releases.


The best recipe plugin you’ll find!

July 4, 2020
We started our food blog and searched and went through all the plugins there was available, and when we came across this it was the game-changer our site (tastyrecipelovers) needed. It has everything you need, that other recipe plugins put in their premium section, and its free. The Recipe card has great looking cards to choose from and your users won’t be disappointed.


May 31, 2020
I’ve used three recipe plugins including create. All I can say is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Create! As soon as I started using it reviews came rolling in and they’ve been snowballing ever since. I’ve also started making money as an Amazon affiliate using creates recommended products. I’ve used it for recipes, round up lists, and how-to’s. It’s easy to use both as a creator and a reader and the SEO is wonderful! Honestly, I cannot say enough good things and highly recommended it to everyone.

Great plugin with awesome customer service!

April 27, 2020
This is a wonderful plugin which is user friendly and which produces beautiful recipes with many helpful extras. Mediavine provided me quick and exceptional assistance with an installation issue I needed help with. I can’t say enough good about this company and their plugin!

Great features for a free recipe plugin

April 13, 2020
I’m giving this plugin 5 stars for the fact that it works well (ie: doesn’t crash the site, no big errors) and offers features for free that other recipe plugins package as premium. One big example is their Recipe Reviews, which is a premium feature on most others, however something that I consider essential to creating proper structured data for recipes.

Great work so far with the plugin.


June 24, 2019

Best list plugin

March 11, 2019
Schema options and the list feature are awesome and importing from Ziplist works good.


Get installation package of the plugin: Create by Mediavine