WordPress ticket support system plugin: wpsc Support Tickets

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  • Introduction to wpsc Support Tickets
  • wpsc Support Tickets installation and use

Update on March 4, 2017: The wpsc Support Tickets plugin has been removed from the WP official plugin library. It is recommended that you do not use it. If you need a ticket system, you can look at others:

WordPress uses Awesome Support to add a ticket support system

WordPress free ticket support / knowledge base system NanoSupport

WordPress free ticket support system WP Support Centre

I have seen that many commercial websites have their own ticket support system. I have tested WordPress plugins in this area before, and I am not satisfied until recently I found that wpsc Support Tickets can just meet this demand.

Introduction to wpsc Support Tickets

It is a very simple, but very practical WordPress ticket support system plugin.


The main features are as follows:

  • Users can create work orders and reply to their own work orders
  • You can set whether to allow visitors to use ticket, which is disabled by default
  • The manage_wpsc_support_tickets ability granted by the administrator and any user can reply, close or delete any ticket
  • Support single interface completion in the jQuery front end, and use Ajax to load the ticket without refresh
  • Different departments, emails, custom CSS can be customized
  • Perfect support for integration into wpStoreCart e-commerce plugin
  • The administrator’s dashboard shows all open tickets
  • The administrator and front-end provide a WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Support email notification
  • You can set the ticket open or closed status
  • 100% free and open source

wpsc Support Tickets installation and use

1. Search for wpsc Support Tickets directly in the background to install online, or download wpsc Support Tickets here

2. Create a new page and add shortcode [wpscSupportTickets] to display tickets

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