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  • Introduction to CubePoints
  • CubePoints feature preview
  • CubePoints download

Note: The plug-in has not been updated for a long time, it seems that the author has given up maintenance, it is recommended to use myCRED (support importing CubePoints)

For websites that have started user registration, it is generally through member points and other methods to improve the enthusiasm of users and the viscosity of the website. For WordPress, you can use the powerful CubePoints membership points plugin to achieve this.

Introduction to CubePoints

CubePoints is the most powerful WordPress membership points plugin available for free at present. This plugin has many integrated modules. It supports setting points prefix and suffix, setting points growth rules, setting charging content, points exchange, point ranking version, etc. For details, you can view the pictures below, or download the experience yourself.

CubePoints feature preview

Set interface


Multiple functional modules


CubePoints download

You can search for CubePoints on the background plug-in installation page, install it online, or download it from the following address:

The official English version of CubePoints | The Chinese version is advocating the Chinese version of cuteness, and downloading is temporarily not available

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