WordPress image bed accessory synchronization plug-in: WP-MultiTarget-Uploads-Sync-Tool

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  • Introduction to WP-MultiTarget-Uploads-Sync-Tool
  • WP-MultiTarget-Uploads-Sync-Tool installation and use

Your space flow is not enough? Is there extra free space available? Want to back up your pictures? Then you can try WP-MultiTarget-Uploads-Sync-Tool, a picture bed accessory synchronization plug-in.

Introduction to WP-MultiTarget-Uploads-Sync-Tool

This is a WordPress multi-target (image bed) attachment synchronization plugin. You can add multiple image beds, of course, only FTP image beds are currently supported. After the setting is completed, the accessories can be synchronized to these image beds, and the display from a certain image bed. The plug-in also supports no local mode-pictures are only saved in the remote FTP space, not in the space where the website is located.

WP-MultiTarget-Uploads-Sync-Tool installation and use

Download and install WP-MultiTarget-Uploads-Sync-Tool, follow the steps below to set:


  1. Create a new target first, that is, create a new synchronization target.
  2. Then fill in the connection in the blank form that appears, if it is ftp, it is the ftp connection information.
  3. Enable this target, that is, enable this target. Only the enabled target will be allowed to be synchronized, click Save to save.
  4. Find the newly created target target at Current Target and click Set. Set as the current target, then all original attachment addresses will be replaced with the addresses on this target.
  5. Click Upload All to the file list. Later attachments will be automatically synchronized.

FTP example:

  • Host: example.com
  • Username: example_username
  • Password: example_passweord
  • Folder: public_/example/
  • Folder URL: http://example.com/example/
  • Port: 21

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