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Advocate recently saw a front-end registration plug-in User Registration, I feel pretty good, and I recommend it to everyone. User Registration is a lightweight but extensible plug-in that supports drag-and-drop sorting of fields, can create any type and number of registration forms, and supports users to log in at the front end, modify personal information, retrieve passwords, etc.


  • Lightweight and beautiful registration form
  • Drag and drop to add and sort
  • An unlimited number of registration can be created
  • Support multi-column layout
  • Multiple form template
  • Support call via shortcode
  • Support Google Recaptcha verification code (domestic ignore)
  • E-mail notification
  • Form copy options
  • Profile account page
  • Administrator review mechanism
  • Automatic login option
  • Email confirmation registration
  • Enable/disable strong password
  • Default user role options
  • Comprehensive help documentation
  • Support localized translation

Advanced extension

User Registration also has some advanced paid extensions, which can enhance the function, and friends who need it can buy it from the official website.

  • Social Connectivity-Allow users to register/log in to your website using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.
  • Content restriction-Allows you to restrict all or part of the content from the page and publish it to only logged-in users or users who log in with specific roles.
  • File upload-allows you to add upload to the registration form so that users can upload files, pictures, etc.
  • woocommerce integration-Integrate and synchronize woocommerce related information to the user registration account page, such as orders, customer details, and bills.
  • mailchimp-allows you to synchronize your registered users with the mailchimp list. After registration, the user is automatically added to the mailchimp list of your choice.

Picture Preview

Plug-in download

  • Online demo: http://demo.wpeverest.com/user-registration/
  • Download address: http://wp101.net/plugins/user-registration/ (you can search for User Registration online installation in the background plug-in installation interface)
  • Help document: http://docs.wpeverest.com/docs/user-registration/
  • Official website: https://wpeverest.com/wordpress-plugins/user-registration/

I have been very busy and have no time to Chinese, if any of my friends are Chinese, welcome to share, thank you!