WordPress extraction code download plugin: Download Code Redeemer

I have recommended the WordPress download management plug-in: Hacklog-downloadmanager before. Today I bring you a WordPress plug-in that uses the extraction code to download files: Download Code Redeemer.

November 5, 2019: The plug-in is no longer available for download

Introduction to Download Code Redeemer

Download Code Redeemer is an extraction code download file plug-in. Its function is similar to the previous 115 network disk. It can manage download files in the background. It supports batch generation of extraction codes (single/unlimited). Add [redeemer download= “id”] to display the extraction box (change id to the ID number of the file download).

Changing the extraction code download plug-in can be used in some cases, but after filling in the correct extraction code, the downloader can easily obtain the complete file download link, so the encryption effect is not ideal.

Download Code Redeemer installation and use

1. Search for Download Code Redeemer in the background and install it online, or go to the official download of Download Code Redeemer or directly download version

Note: The official WordPress download is an empty file, and there is no way to install it online. You can click Developers on that page to download Current Version

2. After enabling the plug-in, visit the setting interface. For the specific setting method, please check the picture below and not repeat it:


If you have a good plug-in, please leave a message to let us know, thank you!

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