WordPress editor plugin: Kindeditor for WordPress (in line with Chinese habits)

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  • Introduction to the Kindeditor editor
  • Kindeditor for WordPress installation and use
  • Advocate experience

Changmeng has always used Windows Live Writer to publish articles, so I seldom touch on the online editing functions of WordPress itself. Of course, for Changmeng, the TinyMCE editor that comes with WordPress is enough. Some people said some The format cannot be achieved, such as the first line indentation. In fact, in many cases, you need to add the format code you need to the style.css of your theme to achieve the desired effect. Okay, there are more digressions. Today, I will introduce Kindeditor, an editor developed by Chinese people.

Introduction to the Kindeditor editor

The Kindeditor editor is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use editor developed by Chinese people. It has a built-in google code prettify, which allows you to insert code quickly and easily. In addition, Pan Xianhai has made a WordPress plug-in: Kindeditor for WordPress. It is better to typeset with one key, use the built-in image upload function, insert code highlighting, visually insert the <!-more-> summary button and so on.


Kindeditor for WordPress installation and use

1. You can search for Kindeditor online installation in the background plug-in installation interface, or download Kindeditor for WordPress

2. After enabling the plug-in, under Settings-Kindeditor settings, you can set whether to enable foreground code highlighting, some styles can be selected


Advocate experience

I tested it in the 3.5.1 environment and found that Kindeditor for WordPress seems to fix the width of the editor. If you shrink the browser, you will find that the editor will not adaptively change the size, causing the right part of the text to be directly covered , I hope the plug-in author can solve this problem.

Other editing effects are not tested by Advocate. Interested friends can test carefully. Feedback is welcome.

Download Kindeditor for WordPress

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