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  • Introduction to Simple Post Series
  • Simple Post Series installation and use

Friends, are you writing an article topic? Want to insert a series of articles in the article? Want to call a custom article list in the sidebar widget?

If you know how to code, maybe you can implement the article call by yourself, but you don’t know how to code, what should you do? Then try the WordPress article thematic plugin: Simple Post Series.

Introduction to Simple Post Series

Simple Post Series article thematic plug-in, can also be translated into article series plug-in, the main features of the plug-in:

You can create a topic (a bit like a classification), add articles to the topic (support drag-and-drop addition, sorting), and then use shortcodes to insert into the article, or use a small tool to call. Articles in the topic can be managed in the background, you do not need to modify the article again. Support inserting articles of a certain topic under the next key of visualization…More functions are waiting for you to discover! !

Simple Post Series setting interface


Insert article topic with one click


Simple Post Series installation and use

WP official | Plug-in interface preview | Author homepage

1. Search for the installation of Simple Post Series in the background. After enabling the plug-in, you must first visit the settings-Post Series topic to make relevant settings (setting examples)

2. Visit article-topic, add topic, then visit article-topic article editor, add article to topic

3. When writing an article, you can click the topic button under visualization to insert the article topic

4. If your theme supports gadgets, visit Theme-gadgets and add special gadgets

Advocate tips: The test found that the plug-in options must be set before the feature article can be displayed normally. Thematic gadgets may not perfectly support all themes, you may need to add some css yourself

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