WordPress 3.5 official version Elvin released

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  • WordPress 3.5 promotional video
  • WordPress 3.5 major update
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The long-awaited official version of WordPress 3.5 is finally released. Although it is a full week later than the announced release date, it is still very impressive! The new edition is named Elvin to commemorate the famous jazz musician who has passed away: Elvin Jones (Wikipedia).

WordPress 3.5 promotional video

WordPress 3.5 major update

1. Brand new media management function


2. New default theme Twenty Twelve

The adaptive effect of the new theme is great, very concise, and it is very convenient for secondary modification!


3. Support Retina display devices (such as MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc.)


4. Smooth setting experience:

Each function of the panel pays great attention to a smooth experience, such as the color selection slider


5. “Link Manager” is disabled, users who need it can install the “Link Manager” plug-in to enable this function.

6. For more update details, please refer to the following article:

WordPress new version 3.5 Beta 1 released

WordPress 3.5 official document update list

WordPress 3.5 official version download

You can upgrade directly in the background, or download WordPress 3.5 English version | WordPress 3.5 Simplified Chinese version.

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