Set different languages ​​for WordPress backend and frontend

Regarding the setting of different languages ​​for the WordPress front-end and back-end, I have recommended it before:

  • Set different languages ​​for WordPress frontend and backend
  • Let users set their own WordPress backend language

The first method above has a drawback: assuming that the background is set to Chinese and the foreground is set to English, some areas where the foreground interacts with the background (such as the toolbar at the top, some fields in the comment section and interactive information) will still display Chinese.

The second method must require users to set the background language once. Of course, its advantage is also obvious, that is, each user can set the background language according to their own needs.

The Simple Admin Language Change plug-in shared today by Advocate allows you to set directly in the background-the conventional interface sets the respective languages ​​for the foreground and the background, and solves the drawbacks of the first method:


However, in the settings-general interface, the front-end language is still displayed, and other pages are in the back-end language.

You can search for Simple Admin Language Change in the background plug-in installation interface and install it directly, or download Simple Admin Language Change here

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