How to create a phpinfo file and view PHP information

When we choose certain WordPress themes or plugins, we may see that they have some requirements for the PHP version and parameters. How do you know whether your PHP configuration meets these requirements?

Many website builders really don’t know how to view the PHP information of the server host. In fact, almost all host companies now provide relevant entries for querying PHP information, and you can find out by looking through the host management interface.

But what if the entrance is really not found? It’s actually very simple, upload a small file and you can view it, let’s do it together!

Step 1 : Create a php file, name it phpinfo.php, and add the following code inside:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Taking into account the needs of lazy friends, Changmeng has made the file, click here to download, unzip it and use it.

Step 2 : Upload the phpinfo.php file to the root directory of your website via FTP and other file management tools:

Step 3 : Visit http://网站域名/phpinfo.php(pay attention to replace with your real website domain name), you can see the page of PHP information:

Important reminder : Do not keep this phpinfo.php file in the website directory, delete it in time if it is not needed! Otherwise, the host information is leaked, which will bring security risks!

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