Gutenberg 7.2 adds button block and gallery image size options

The Gutenberg released Gutenberg 7.2 yesterday after a four-week vacation. This update includes 180 submission requests from at least 56 contributors to the project repository. The biggest user-oriented features include a new “multi-button” block that allows users to add multiple buttons in a row, and the size of the image can be defined in the block . These are two very needed functions.

This update supports changing the font size in the navigation block . Users can also add links to images in media and text blocks . Most enhancements will continue to clean up the interface and improve usability.

Many bug fixes are included in version 7.2. Accessibility improvements include the use of radio text alignment, to add the appropriate block wrapper grouprole, add tags to the block icon and the like. The working method of pasting content in the editor has been improved. It is now easier to use.

The development continues to build experimental features and activate them through the Gutenberg> experiment screen in the background. Apart from a few bug fixes and enhancements, the most interesting change is the introduction of a new experimental management screen. Gutenberg 7.2 now includes an early Beta of a full site edit page .

Continuously add buttons

Add multiple buttons in the “Multi-Button” block.

The introduction of multiple button blocks allows the end user to add any number of single button blocks in a row. Currently, the block actually acts as a container. The only option for this block is to be able to set the alignment of the inner button block.

Image size selector for

Since its inception, the lack of an option to set the image size of the has been one of Gutenberg’s biggest failures. After years of using the basic option of gallery shortcodes in classic editors, the gallery blocks always feel incomplete.

For some users, the basic features that have been missing for a long time in the classic editor are frustrating. Considering the rapid development of new and updated features, this frustration is understandable. It’s refreshing to see the work being done to address such long-lost features.

The block now has a new “image size” drop-down menu for selecting the size of the displayed image. This option will solve at least a few major problems. By choosing a custom size, the image will use less bandwidth for site visitors. Previously, the displayed full-size images. It also allows users to choose a consistent size so that galleries with multiple image aspect ratios align better in the grid. Basically, it can make the gallery more beautiful.

Site Editor Screen Beta

Gutenberg 7.2 introduced the “Site Editor” screen, which can be enabled by checking the “Enable entire site editing” checkbox on the Gutenberg> Experiment Management page. The new screen is an early test exploration of what will eventually become the entire website editor.

But there is basically no actual function at present, users can only insert blocks. There is not even a save button. Usually, it is another step towards website editing, and it may be added to the WordPress core at the end of 2020. However, this is just an optimistic timetable, and it is too early to make reliable guesses. There are many unsolved problems that need to be answered and technically dealt with. Depending on the speed of development, it may be more realistic to release this feature in 2021.